Eagle City Winery - Spring Open House!

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Subject: Eagle City Winery - Spring Open House!
Date: Fri Jan 19 22:32:09 2018


SPRING OPEN HOUSE: Eagle City Winery is pleased to announce our Spring Open House will be held this coming weekend on June 13 and 14, 1:00 to 5:00 PM at the winery. Each spring and fall we welcome our old friends, new friends, and those who want to know more about us to our open house. It's a family-friendly event jam-packed with fun activities for all: tractor trolley rides to the upper Eagle City Park and Ken's famous Donkey Cart rides behind EC, the winery donkey mascot.

Open House Special - when you purchase 6 bottles of EC wines get 5% off (or an EC wine glass) or buy a case (12 bottles) and get 10% off or 2 wine glasses.

Our Spring Open House also features free wine tastings, live music and a chance to learn more about how wine is made, and an opportunity to stroll the vineyard grounds. Bring your friends for a great afternoon of entertainment.

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